September 2010

Redefining Risk Management for Cenario Capital

Cenario Capital Management is an asset management and advisory firm specializing in dynamic risk management. We collaborated with Crescent Partners to develop the Cenario Capital brand. From our recommended positioning tagline, “Risk Redefined”, we created a dynamic brand identity and visual system that supports Cenario’s value proposition and strategic vision. In addition to developing the identity and visual system, we also created printed marketing materials and website.

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May 2010

Developing a Memory Game App for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch

We worked with NetCloud Designs to develop Contact Quiz, a memory game app for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch. The game is based on the address book contact information and is organized into three categories: true or false, multiple choice and fill in the blanks. As one progresses through the game, the player moves on to a new level of difficulty and eventually on to a new category. Each response is met with tongue-in-cheek remarks by “Conrad ”, the game’s host. Contact Quiz is available at

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March 2010

Creating a Brand Identity for a Strategic Partner

Crescent Partners is a brand communications consulting firm specializing in marketing communications, brand strategy and execution. We created a brand identity, visual system and website for our strategic partner.

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